When you first explored vaporizer kits, there are a great many things to learn. You will encounter the concept of e-liquids, the different types of vaporizers, and flavors too. The vaporizing realm has a lot to explore apart from the concepts of convection, induction, and conduction vaporizers. If you understand these scientific methods of vaporizing, you will certainly know exactly which type suits you best.

To start with, all vaporizers heat up the ingredients, but they just have a different method of doing this. Each method, however, alters the taste of cannabis.

Convection Vaporizing

Convection vaporizing is currently the most common form of vaporizing. However, convection vaporizing requires liquid material. Convection literally means the movement of hot and cold fluids. The heating process creates a convectional current.

The way convection vaporizing works tends to produce the best results. The vaporizer forces hot air to pass through the herb. This technique makes it possible for an evenly distributed vaporizing process and helps to reduce combustion.

Convection smoking is ideal for vaporizing herbs. However, it can come in handy, if you want to use it for concentrate liquid pad use. If you are a regular liquid pad smoker, convection smoking is probably not meant for you.


If you are wondering why you should invest your money smoking with a vaporizer when you can just as well roll a joint and smoke it up, the major advantage of smoking with convection vaporizer means that there is no combustion. It is a healthier option.

Convection vaporizers are also safer because, they do not put the herb in direct contact with heat, which puts you out of danger of sudden burns.

The balanced heating technique is best for convection vaporizers, as the heating coils heat up herbs and oil at the same time. This guarantees proportionate heating while producing an intense flavor and better effect of the herb. Since it is a mechanical device, you get a more accurate temperature with this vaporizer, and you can enjoy more control over the amount of heat and steam generation.

Convection vaporizing seems like the perfect answer for vaporizing. It is safer and provides you with a superior flavor kick. It also doesn’t let your herb burn, and keeps you at a safe distance from direct heat.




While convection vaporizing has significant advantages, it has some major disadvantages. These vaporizers are extraordinarily slow because it takes very long to evenly distribute the heat via convection. They are designed to ensure safety for you and not burn the herb.

The other major disadvantage of these vaporizers is that they are quite expensive. If you are someone looking for something customizable with convectional parts, it might not suit your budget.

Best Convectional Vaporizers

The Plenty by Storz and Bickel

The Plenty is one of the most famous convectional vaporizers. It has quite a unique and handy design that is around 1.5 lbs. When you compare it to other desktop vaporizers, it is compact and powerful.

It has a high-quality body, and the manufacturers use a supreme quality stainless steel cooling coil. You can set its temperature in between 266 and 395 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a perfect temperature range for heating herbs. It inputs a very low effort for vaporizing your contents and allows very smooth draws.

The Plenty is a high-quality vaporizer, which provides you with a high-quality handy body and compact design for $300. It is considered a steal for its quality.

Induction Vaporizing

Induction vaporizing is currently a very new concept in the vaporizing world. Right now you might not find many options for induction vaporizing. However, experts predict that induction vaporizing will become the best form of vaporizing in a short time.

Induction vaporizers have induction cups on the very top of the device, and coils in the same unit. When you turn on the vaporizer, it heats up the coil with a magnetic field that in turn heats up the induction cups, which contain your herb.

Coil placement is the major reason why vaporizer manufacturers are not mass producing induction vaporizers. They need coils that are super small and powerful. But, the coils need to be big enough so that they can contain a decent amount of material in them.

Induction is relatively new, which means that you might see variations in this vaporizer kind. Manufacturers might change the cup placement from the middle of the coils to the top. Currently, this placement works best.


Induction heating is a very new introduction to the vaporizing world. If you talk about convection and conduction, both these methods include the introduction of outside heat. However, the induction technique does not involve outside heat.

Induction coils heat up the vaporizer coils via an electric current, which is inside the body.

Another good thing about induction heating is that it is an eco-friendly process. For this reason, it does not produce any herb residue.

Induction heating is the safest way to smoke because it does not have any actual fire that might burn your fingers. And, you can maintain induction vaporizers more conveniently.


Induction vaporizers are a futuristic form of vaporizing. They are the best option when it comes to heating technologies. However, since the technology is advanced, it costs more money. Induction vaporizers are expensive and cost more than convection vaporizers.

Since induction vaporizers have advanced technology, you will not have too many options. For this reason, not many companies are familiar with this heating technique. Making an induction vaporizer is a little complicated, and so, manufacturers are still exploring this heating technique.

Best Induction Vape

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber is currently the only brand that is making induction vapes. Their design unique and simple, and it is the perfect vaporizer for people who are cannabis connoisseurs that demand high performance, flavor, and efficiency.

The best thing about Dr. Dabber is its design and size. It is around a foot tall and 4 inches in width. It is a powerful vape, which provides you with a high-quality performance that will blow you away. This induction vape does not require any external heat, which makes it the safest option. Its heat will not burn your herb, which means that your herb will last longer. Its design facilitates the idea of generating maximum smoke, which you would get with joints.

It has a self-cleaning mode that lessens its maintenance, and you will not need to clean the vape ever. You do not need to clean the whole thing every time, but you can use isopropyl alcohol whenever you do so.

Many wonder why it has such a large body, and the major reason for this is its large battery, which will allow you to use it for a longer duration – 150 reps to be exact. It is an excellent choice for people who do not have time for cleaning and charging the vape after every while.

The vape will cost you around $400, which is a very smart buy. It is a pretty good investment, and not an expense if you are serious about quality vaping.

Conduction Vaporizers

Conduction vaporizers are among the oldest and simplest ways of vaporizing. With this kind of vaporizing, you only need to put the herb in direct contact with the heat and you will produce the smoke. However, the major disadvantage of conduction vaporizing is the direct heat. The vaporizer gets so hot that it risks burning.

But the major advantage that conduction vaporizers have is a minimal design with very few parts. This means you do not need to clean too many parts, and if you ask traditionalists, they will always say that conduction vaporizing is the best method for vaporizing. They will say that it is the closest to rolling a joint of dried marijuana.


The major advantage that you get with conduction vaporizers is, they are pretty fast. They heat up in a matter of seconds, and this is because, with the conduction mechanism, your material is directly exposed to heat. So the heat transfer is immediate.

Most people intake cannabis when they feel intense pain. When under that kind of attack with chronic pain, they need instant relief, and convection vaporizers cannot do that. Only conduction vaporizers will provide you with the instant hit you need.

Another major benefit of using conduction vaporizers is that they are not fancy devices that need many parts. They are quite affordable and easy to handle, and they are just the perfect option for those who only just starting to explore the vaporizing world. You can buy this inexpensive device to explore vaporizing.

Since it is such a simple device, it does not require a lot of maintenance. It will not require consistent repairing, and it is an ideal vaporizing device for beginners. The best part is that this device will not overwhelm you with different loose parts.


Conduction vaporizing is a traditional form of vaporizing. It is a classic technique that smokers still love and appreciate. However, it is thought to be quite out-dated and is even growing unpopular. And although it is a traditional way of smoking, it has its share of shortcomings.

It has a risk high risk of combustion. They heat up so quickly that they risk burning the herb, and even set it on fire quickly.

The most dangerous thing that comes with burnt herbs is smoke inhalation, which can damage your lungs without you even realizing it.

Another major drawback of conduction is that it provides uneven heat to the herb. For this reason, the material that is near the coil burns, and the material that further away does not. So, you will need to rattle the vaporizer after every minute or so for all the material to burn equally.

Best Conduction Vape

DaVinci IQ

Davinci IQ has a very beautiful, eye-catching body. Many say that it is a work of art. This is a smart conduction vape that is very powerful, than many other vapes you might know of. Manufacturers use very high-quality material to make this vape. DaVinci says that it is one of their best designs, which says a lot about performance.

Usually, conduction vapes have a very simple design, and they are very simple with a minimum number of parts. The DaVinci IQ is made from zirconium ceramic. Both of these materials are known to be strong and inert, which is ideal for the intended process.

The good thing about IQ is that it produces high-quality vapor. The vape has a mobile app too that lets you choose the temperature setting you desire. It also comes with smart path settings that help you with customizing heat application. You can select between the heating range offered.

With its smart design, it is slightly more expensive than other conduction vaporizers. However, it is priced fairly at $275. This is thought to be a great buy, especially for those who have experience with using conduction vapes. Most people who buy it say they have no regrets choosing it for its shape, design, and most importantly, its utility.


Today, the choices that people make when it comes to the items they use, are based on health factors and how they think their health may be affected. This is a crucial element to consider when you put out any product in the market. And so, while people look forward to health benefits that come by using marijuana, they are also concerned about the method through which they consume this substance. This refers strictly to the methods of vaporizing the substance. While the consumption of marijuana has been legalized in many countries, users look forward to the apparatus that has the best there is to offer. As mentioned at the beginning of this write-up, there is some exploration to do, so that each new user selects the best vaporizer.