You might think that this is a crazy idea but smoking green tea has gained increasing popularity over the years.

The green tea plant that is also the source of Oolong, black and white tea, claims to have many health benefits. Other teas have been smoked for spiritual and health reasons. But the main reason is to help quit the addiction to tobacco cigarettes. It is said that it is a healthier cigarette replacement and that it could replace the habit due to the lack of the addictive substance, nicotine.

Other benefits include:

  • Immune system support
  • Improved brain function
  • Improved dental health
  • Energy boost from caffeine


How to smoke tea?

It is very similar to smoking cigarettes. You take some loose tea and roll it up or put a tea bag into a pipe. You might ask; can tea bags be smoked? The answer is, yes. Open the tea bags and follow the procedure.


Different ways green tea can be smoked?

  • Buying premade cigarettes that contain the tea
  • Purchasing green tea bags and removing the loose-leaf tea, while it is still dry and rolling it into a cigarette with rolling paper.

Both loose-leaf and bagged tea can be smoked in a pipe or a water pipe(bongs).


Can you purchase prefabricated green tea cigarettes?

You can buy these manufactured green tea cigarettes from online stores. You can also buy loose leaf green tea to roll your own cigarettes with rolling paper. These cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA for safety and dosage. So before buying your green tea cigarettes or teas to smoke, make sure you are purchasing it from a well-reputed and reliable company.


Does smoking get you high?

On online forums, tea smokers reported that smoking tea, made them feel lightheaded and the scent of the tea was still present while smoking it.

Is smoking tea legal?

There are no regulations on this herb being an illegal drug or substance. This means it can be consumed legally in any way you would like if this is drinking or smoking it. Green tea can be legally purchased as a smoking blend or cigarette that is prefabricated.
But laws still apply in smoking areas, second-hand smoking, or smoking in an enclosed area and will most likely apply to the smoking of green tea.

What are the best teas to smoke?

Teas that are more oxidized and contain less water (Oolong, black, and Pu Erh) are the best teas to smoke because they are more suitable to burn.

Teas you can smoke

  • Earl grey tea

The smoke is smooth, but heavy and can be compared to pipe tobacco. The earl grey tea leaves a numb tongue feeling and an aromatic after taste.

  • Green tea

Smoking green tea gives you a mild relaxation and thanks to caffeine works as a mild pain reliever.

  • Black tea

Smoking this kind of tea is a bit harsher as it has a tobacco-like taste, while green tea tastes more herb-like. It is hard on the lungs, but if this is your type and you prefer it, the opportunity is there to get used to it.

Who knew that smoking tea could have so many benefits? So if you want to try something to calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed maybe try this method, just make sure to purchase your goods at a company that is reliable.