What is the best vape mod to stop smoking?

Quitting cigarettes can be a rough ordeal for any smoker. Before intricate vape pens came out, smoking was an almost irremovable habit. But a lot has changed since then! So, can vapes help you quit smoking? Yes, it can. 

Vapes help you regulate temperature, wattage, and voltage. They also come with high/low concentration liquid and zero nicotine flavors. All of these options allow you to administer your daily dosage of nicotine.

But is vaping a safe alternative to smoking?

Vapes are safer but no studies to prove it! Nevertheless, vapes produce water vapor with an edible fluid called PG to create vapor. This vapor contains far fewer chemicals than cigarette smoke.  

The best substitute to do the job? Pods and e-cigarettes.

Vapes are the most effective alternative that can help you quit cigarettes. The technology uses water vapor instead of smoke to deliver nicotine, ridding you of more than 7000 smoke chemicals, some of which are responsible for cancer. These devices feature temperature control and slow nicotine delivery systems to allow you to regulate and gradually lower your daily nicotine dose. 

Now, let’s talk about Pods:

Resembling the appearance closest to a cigarette, pods come with a mouth to lung draw system to give the exact same feeling of a Marlboro. Vape mods, on the other hand, comes with a sub-ohm tank and multi-functionality including wattage and voltage control. These vapes can be switched from 200-400 Watt and comes with a 2500-3100mAh battery which can sufficiently power the device throughout the day. 

Vapes can carry up to 4.8ml liquid with a nicotine level of 18-24 mg. which is a high concentration and should serve your daily nicotine cravings at first. But as you gradually adjust to the new habit, you can lower the wattage each day to administer a lighter vapor with lower nicotine concentration. Using low concentration nicotine salt can be helpful as well and once you feel confident, you can move on to zero nicotine liquids….


With an overflowing super-competitive market, you must be confused about which one to get. If you’re looking for a one-time investment, you may be wondering, what is the best vape cigarette? You can always use liquids with a low VG/PG concentration on any vape, but smaller vapes may have difficulty wicking high concentration e-liquids and therefore, clog your tank. Go for vape kits that come with pre-made coils, no engineering required! However, a replaceable coil system can be useful to someone who may want to experiment with high concentration liquids. One of the best vapes on the market is the Kangertech Evo starter kit– cheap ($25), handy and a great choice for beginners. It has a 1100mAh battery, a 1.5ohm coil, and a 2.5 ml tank.

Before we dive in any deeper into the various brands in store for you, you need to understand how the whole thing works. The process needs constant vigilance and dedication towards the objective. 

So, what is the most effective way to stop smoking, using a vape?

Here’s how you do it: 

  • Buy a vape pen or a mod. Preferably one with 1100mAh battery and 40W power capacity to start with.
  • Take time and gradually lower the wattage every week for a lower nicotine administration per hit. Take time doing this. Smoking addiction develops over time and through repeated signaling to the brain. It takes likewise, to lose the habit.
  • Start with a 24mg nicotine concentration liquid, go down to 6mg after few weeks.

What do I start with?

If you’re looking for longer battery life then Innokin cool fire 4 plus is a deal-maker for you and also a very good vape to start with. The device has an in-built rechargeable battery with 3300mAh capacity. It produces 70W output and holds 4.5 ml liquid in an i-sub g tank. 

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